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"Ostrich Coronation" 24x24" acrylic
"Albino Crown" 10" round canvas, acrylic
"Saint Budgie" 6x6"acrylic paint
This actually turned out to be really fun to paint! I never paint this small but I really liked it. Perhaps more tiny pieces to come. This is a painting exchange with Jamie Gaviola Fine Art ! Can’t wait to get my piece when her show is over. Currently up at Saffron in Nyack, NY check it out!
22x28” acrylic
My tribute to the newly extinct black rhino. 24x30” acrylic
"Helicopter Parenting" 
24x36” acrylic on canvas
"Saint Snowflake" 22x28" acrylicA new direction for my work! In a nutshell I want to depict animals in higher human contexts to show they are just as important as we are if not more so. This is part one of a two part diptych. Currently working on a black gorilla to go along with Snowflake! (The only albino gorilla to ever exist) The flowers are all kinds that come from the albertine rift montane forests, in Africa where gorillas come from.
For fun I decided to make an ostrich!  wire skeleton, tissue paper/glue skin, pink paint, paper towels, and magazine clippings.
"The Great Migration"
For Rockland Center for the Arts Panorama show! 8x10” panel, acrylic